September 13th 2012

Beautiful work Damian and an awesome tribute, not only to your Dad, but to every Nam Vet who participated in the Battle for Hue City. We can never imagine what they delt with on a daily basis within the walls of the Citadel. May their sacrifices never be forgotten.

Steven Zuleski

I served with your old man in Vietnam in Alpha 1/5 after they left Hue City and while they were in Phu Bai and the Highway 1 bridges (#6 & 7). I never met a more Gung Ho Marine than Rip. Many a time he gave me advice and kept my butt from getting shot or killed. Miss C E Davis (RIP) and have not heard anything of Washington, the kid who got shot in the lung and who Doc Turley was tending to when he himself got hurt also. Although it’s been 44 years, I miss these guys and would like to see then again (my bucket list).

Luis Maestre, better known as TJ
Alpha 1/5

September 25th 2012



I served with your dad. I was headed home when A company was returning from Hue City I lost alot of brothers that day. I was in 3rd platoon and was wounded during Operation Union 2

david palomares

I am glad your Dad made it home! Thanks for sharing his story. I’ am in Orlando several times a year. Maybe I will see him one day. I was with 2nd Platoon D1/5 in 1967. I was on operation Union I & II, Swift and several more.

Craig L Jackson

Outstanding website! Your Dad must be very proud of you!

Jim Davlin

September 27th 2012

i served with A1/5 12/66-12/67. Someone took all my pictures and a Puma knife my dad gave me. I have PTSD and don’t remember much. David Polamares and I served together. I also know Larry Wells.

Cy Wilson

Very nice job! TY FYI Guestbook is misspelled up top there.

James Meehan

I’m so glad to find this site. Maybe it’ll help me remember some of the people I forgot does any remember Howard Carpenter? He was my good friend. He died in Hue. I went to his funeral in Indianapolis. I was at the ” horse shoe “. Tam Ky,Que Son Valley and many places I forgot. Hope someone can help me remember.

Cy Wilson

Like your website, I also like seeing the names, even though I can’t remember them. I was with Alpha Com. 1/5 from 67 – 68.

Robert Chaney

The horse was it in Phu Loc or Phu Bi. Sure wish that I could remember things & people.

Robert Chaney

Hey Cy. If I can remember right the horse shoe was in Phu Loc. I was in 1st Platoon, Alpha Co. 1/5 from 67 – 68.

Robert Chaney

September 27th 2012

I was with Alpha Co. 1st Bn., 5th Mar., 1st Marines from , just got this sight outstanding. I was severly wounded in the Quam Nam Providence outside of Liberty Bridge and spent the next 8 months at Great Lkes Hospital, I am now 100% disabled and retired and loving life.

Semper Fi
L/Cpl Fred Hughes

Brothers if I remember correctly the Horse Shoe was about 3 or 4 clicks from Hoi An. I got to A1/5 in October & went straight to the Horse Shoe.

S/F Phil Peeler

Damn OUTSTANDING site & tribute to your father & A 1/5. Thank you for putting our history together.

Phil Peeler
A 1/5 67-68
Saepe Expertus, Semper Fidelis, Frates Aeterni,
“Often Tested; Always Faithful; Brothers Forever”