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This site was created so that I can share with others the projects and interests that have inspired me over the years. Just recently after a Veterans Appreciation Day gathering at my parents Church, i was inspired by my father who served in Vietnam. It’s been nearly 45 years after Vietnam and just recently has been sharing stories and information with me. It was such a long road for him coming back from Vietnam and dealing with the PTSD and all. But he learned to put the war behind him and now being where he is today, I am just so proud of him. I never knew he served in one of the best Marine Divisions in world, “The 5th Marines”. Not only that, but fought in one of the bloodiest battles in USMC history, “Hue City” during the TET Offensive in 1968. All he’s ever told me was that his company was the first into the old city and that they were pretty much wiped out, that’s pretty much it. Now today I know that Company was “ALPHA”, the first to move into the Citadel on the 13th of February, and that half of the Company was wounded in less than 20 minutes that morning. They are all Heroes. I have just been so inspired by all of this and the stories he has shared with me. So I’ve decided to create this site in dedication to him, his Company, the entire 1/5 Marines, and all who served and sacrificed in Vietnam…………..Semper Fi!

This Website is still new and there is a lot I would like to add still, so if you have a question or would like to add something to the site, please feel free to click the Guestbook tab located in the contact menu above and ask away. You can also contact me at: dmn1858@gmail.com

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Damian V. Rippberger

Damian Rippberger