Alpha Company 1/5, 3rd platoon at Nui Loc San, Vietnam July 1967.
1st Row Kneeling L to R: Pfc Micael Jennings, Lcpl Hershel Jarvis, Pvt Richard Link,
Lcpl Dan Lacy, Pfc Donald Lambert
2nd Row Standing L to R: Lcpl Walter Morgan (Radioman), Pfc James Wheeler (?), ?, Cpl Henry Wilson, ?, ?, Lcpl Ollie Noble, Corpsman Fred Salyer
3rd Row Sitting L to R: Lcpl Cyrus Wilson, Lcpl Charles Ragle, Lcpl William Seafort, Pfc David Nahnybida
4th Row Sitting L to R: Cpl James Lawhorn, Corpsman N.C. Martin,
5th Row Standing L to R: Cpl Ray Gomez, Cpl Lyle Anderson, Sgt Vinnie Matthews
6th Row Standing L to R: Sgt Norman LaRue

Alpha Company 1/5, 1st PlatoonTop: Noel Torres. Second row: Lenard J. Rozanski “Doc Ski”, James R. Hanson, Johnnie M. Thomas. Bottom: Robert Lee "Colgate" Culbertson (KIA 11/67), Johnny Pissanello, Mike Laswell, Unknown, and Clarence Youing. Original Photo is B/W, Shot by Chuck Kellemen in late July 67 on Hill 51

Top left is Hershel "Pappy" Jarvis, below him is Cy Wilson, in front of Cy is Richard Links (KIA 3-31-68), Far bottom right is Oravitz, next to him is David "Alphabet" Nahnybida

Alpha 3rd platoon 1967 – Dave "Alphabet" Nahnybida far left w/ Coke, below him is Henry Caulder, far bottom left Lambert, Jame Baldwin on far right drinking, below him is Russell Booth, and David Palomares behind Baldwin

Alpha 1/5, Lyle Anderson (blond) in middle, Others Unknown

Alpha 1/5 – In front with the cover is Lambert, to his right is Baldwin, Cigar in mouth Wheeler, Unknown

Alpha 1/5 Line, Cy Wilson far left

Hershel Jarvis laid out at the bottom left, Andy Anderson (blond) top middle, Cy Wilson by Andy’s leg Aug 1967

Jim Baldwin, Dave Goreman, Dave Palomares, Cy Wilson, and Robert Alvarez – Two center Marines unknown

Alpha 1/5 – Cy Wilson 2nd from left – Rest Unknown

Bruce Leming on left and on right is Larry Walkinfuss and James Fowler and Don Long

Fred Lamarr "Doc" Salyer (KIA 680206), Anderson, Artie FO team, rest unknown

Howard Carpenter (KIA 2-18-68), Bob Martin, and Goreman at Hoi An

William Scott, Ronald Dill, Albert Myers at Hill 51 – 1967

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  1. david palomares, July 17, 2014
    4th pic blond lyle anderson.5th pic with the cover Lambert to his rt.Baldwin cigar in mouth Wheeler. Reply
    • Paul Kellogg, November 11, 2015
      Standing LR: Lawhorn, Cotton, Salyer, ??, Anderson, Honzo, Kellogg Kneeling LR Wheeler, Meagher, Wilson, Baldwin Reply
  2. Paul McNally, July 17, 2014
    Good shots! I don't remember Delta Co. Taking group photos other then the one I have on my timeline. Reply

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