David Palomares Bio.
I joined The Marine Corps in July 1966, After completing boot camp at MCRD in San Diego, went to Camp Pendlenton for BIT. After completing there I shipped out to Vietnam 29/12/66 to 26/12/67. There I was assigned to Alpha Company 3rd Platoon 1st Battalion 5th Marines. I received shrapnel wounds during Operation Union 1. Upon returning home from Vietnam I went to Recon at Camp Pendleton. Shortly thereafter I was stationed at Marine barracks Subic Bay PI; after Subic Bay I returned to Camp Pendleton where I ran recruits through gas chamber and infiltration course. After which I was honorably discharged in July 1970. During Vietnam I participated in Operations Clay, RioGrande, Unions 1 & 2, Adair, Calhoun, Cochise, Yazoo, Operation Swift in the QUANG Nam Province.Also, Operations Onslow, Operation Baxter.