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  1. Garrett Fountain, November 14, 2012
    Love this and all of the pictures. Great work guys! Reply
  2. Robert Carroll 2nd plt. nam 67-68, November 28, 2012
    have two are three pictures of Troui the morning after we were over run Great work Damian Reply
    • forrest harshe l/cpl 81mm at truoi river bridge, March 26, 2013
      I was at truoi- 81mm forrest harshe l/cpl lost contact with people because i got very ill ptsd almost got me. 1-218-237-5299. dont really use e-mail Reply
    • Chris Lambert 209 985 7075, September 1, 2013
      Peeler; is the only name I recognze- Went to Wayne Salters grave sight last year, we were both hit 3/31. After 45 years of denile started looking into Vietnam. Robert I have some pictures of Alpha co. or what was left of us after Troui (in PhuBai) Haven't searched the web sight is there a post when the next reunion is. Plus California Alpha Co Vets?? Reply
    • Chris Lambert 209 985 7075, September 1, 2013
      Would love to see the pictures of Troui 1April68. I was being medivac. I think you live in fresno. I'm just outside of Sacramento. Would even drive down and buy lunch. I do volunteer work at Sac VA. and additional work with Purple Heqarts of America. Reply
  3. Luis Maestre, December 4, 2012
    Arrived after Troui Bridge went down. Know as TJ, served on 1st Platoon, Alpha 1/5 until wounded on April 28, 1968. Great work Damian! Reply
  4. Buzz Baviello, December 4, 2012
    Great job young man. What a nice tribute to your dad and his Brothers in 1/5. They set the standard that we who served later in 1/5 had to live up too. I can't tell you how proud I am to have served as a Corpsman with Delta 1/5 69-70 and the warriors I grew to love and respect. Doing to share this with Marines of 1/5 today who I know and are currently on a MEU Reply
  5. David E. Rippberger A 1/5 1st. Plt., December 7, 2012
    Great job to both my son's on the content and design of this sight. 1/5 lives on. Thanks to all ny 1/5 brothers for there support with this sight. Dad Reply
  6. David E.Rippberger, December 11, 2012
    Does any one no were Bob Carson is and how I might be able to reach him? He was with Alpha 1/5 67-68 at the time I was there. Very close friend, sure would like to locate him. Reply
    • bill schwindt, January 6, 2013
      David, I'm the guy helping Roger Smith find some of his friends. I took a look for Bob Carson and there's a few options. I'm hoping you know where he was from originally. KY or CA? If it's KY, then I think I can find him pretty easily. But there's 5 Robert C Carson's in CA the correct age. So if it's CA, then I suggest you send a letter to him through the VA system. His service number is on your website, one of the rosters. You'll need that to use the VA's letter forwarding system. You know how to do that? Let me know, bill Reply
      • admin, January 6, 2013
        Bill I dont think my father knows how that works. But i will say that, the Bob Carson he is looking for is in California. We have found and talked to his family but they do not know of his whereabouts. Reply
        • bill schwindt, January 7, 2013
          The VA letter forwarding system is simple. Send a letter to any VA regional office, use a business sized envelope. Simply say, PLease forward this letter to the last know address of Robert Carson, service # 2265850. We served together in the Marines in Vietnam. sign it in a smaller envelope write a letter to Bob Carson with your contact information. Keep it brief, because it will be read by the VA. Address it to Bob Carson, but no address of course, and no return address either. Put a stamp on it. leave it un-sealed so the VA can read it. pUt it inside the large envelope and mail it. If Bob Carson has a VA file for any reason, he will get the letter. bill Reply
  7. Roger Smith, December 19, 2012
    Alpha Co. 1/5, 3rd platoon, 1969 Reply
    • admin, December 19, 2012
      Welcome Home Roger.... Reply
    • suressi, September 16, 2013
      my brother mike,was in a 1/5 was shot in chest, then i came in a 1/5 i was sqd leader with bj , and steve as ft leaders Reply
    • JAMES HILL, February 23, 2015
      I was there in 69 1st plt m-79 man welcome home Reply
    • bog giuliano, December 29, 2015
      Hey Roger, just wondering if you remember me. I was wounded june 7, while on observation post. I was one of the first,if not first, to walk point with you. We hung with Moore,Bell, and Maggs. Reply
      • Roger Smith, December 29, 2015
        I sure remember your name. Reply
        • bog giuliano, December 30, 2015
          So how have you been. I see a few pictures of you after I left. I have a picture of you,me, and Moore standing at a well in Arizona territory. I remember when I was in the hospital and I saw a story about you walking point for the battallion. It's kinda weird seeing pics of you with those other guys, but I'm sure you spent a lot more time with them. Do you have a facebook page? And no I'm not some weirdo looking for anything. Married with 6 kids, 2 sons that were in the military and a 3rd in now. It's just that I've always remembered your name and wondered what happened to you.I know a couple guys,Bell and Lattimer got killed the day I was wounded. Reply
  8. Roger Smith, December 22, 2012
    Trying to locate Santiago Soto from the Jan 1970 company roster. I knew him as Jimi Soto, probably a nickname. He was from NY. Reply
    • Roger Smith, February 9, 2013
      Bill found Soto for me in CT. Thanks Bill Reply
      • Admin, February 10, 2013
        That is great news Roger. Great job Bill. Semper Fi.. Reply
    • Scott Fullerton, October 24, 2013
      Soto was from Bridgeport, CN. He was First Squad leader; me and him and Dave March (blooper man), Chal Buxton and others hung out. I was in CP group, 81s radio man. I'm trying to find Boyd thomas, 81s FO. Reply
    • Scott Fullerton, December 14, 2014
      Roger, I knew Santiago through Dave March of Dillsburg, PA. Santiago was 1st Herd Squad Leader, Dave was the blooper man. Santiago was from Bridgeport, CN if I recall correctly. I was the 81s radioman for Alfa Co. for about eight months total. Do you remember Captain Crunch and the night the shitter burned down at Camp Dai La? Reply
      • Roger Smith, December 14, 2014
        Scott you can contact me at Reply
  9. Scott Merriman, December 28, 2012
    A 1/5 S2 Scout 1969 - 1970 Reply
    • admin, December 28, 2012
      Welcome Home Scott...SF Reply
    • Scott Fullerton, October 24, 2013
      Scott, I remember you. We went into a ville and I was sitting next to you as you interrogated a mama-san when you fired your rifle into the dirt, I guess to scare the old woman. Scared the hell out of me, too. Reply
  10. Kent Lewis, March 11, 2013
    John P.Carrow lives in Wilmington DE. He is doing well. John does not know I am posting this message. He can be contacted via my email. He was in Vietnam Jan 68 to Feb69. God bless all of our veterans...THANK YOU !! Reply
    • rick early, March 23, 2013
      john i serived with A 1/5 1ft plt 68/69 blase was my sqd leader Reply
      • Kent Lewis, March 23, 2013
        Hi Rick John asked me to locate Blasé a few years ago. I found his family in Ohio. Sadly my contact came a week or so after he passed away. I did speak to his daughter-in-law. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE TO OUR COUNTRY kENT Reply
        • George Skelton L/Cpl., April 16, 2015
          Kent are you replying about Blasé Banack.? He and I became good friends on Guam. He came to my wedding. I was close to blasé when the raido man kicked the wire and set off a frag hanging in the wire. Blasé got pepperd in the chest and face. Blasé the raido man and out A gunner got medavaced out.I was on point behind Green. P.S. Excuse the spelling Reply
          • Kent Lewis, April 17, 2015
            George Did you know John Carrow ? I was looking for Blasé for him. Thank you for your service to our country! I did locate Blase's family a week after he passed away. Kent
      • George Skelton L/Cpl., April 16, 2015
        If you are from Miami Fla. You were my squad leader. I have only had contact with 1 other from first platoon. that was Blasé Banack. We both ended up on Guam in 1970. Welcome home hope to hear from you! Reply
      • George Skelton L/Cpl., April 16, 2015
        Rick my Email address is I'm from Miami Fla. to hope to hear from you! Reply
      • George Skelton L/Cpl., April 16, 2015
        Correct Email all lower case Reply
  11. Paul Javins (Doc Paul), March 23, 2013
    I was with C-co 1/5 3rd platoon Nam Dec. 3 1969 to Dec. 1970 Navy Doc USN/USMC Reply
    • mike potts, January 27, 2015
      i was in nan at that time with the 1/5 c co i think you fix me up thanksyou doc Reply
    • Roger Smith, November 19, 2015
      Doc Paul do you remember the Corpsman for 3rd platoon in June 1969? Reply
  12. Jerry Baker, March 27, 2013
    Wonderful, I never thought I would see this again. I was with the seabees who built the timber bridge that replaced the Pontoon bridge. I provably was in the act of building the bridge when your image titled Truio-APR-1968 was shot. I can see our crain in the baclground. Reply
  13. Marshfield High School Memorial Day Committee, April 11, 2013
    For the past four years, a committee composed of students, volunteers, and alumni of Marshfield High School in Coos Bay, Oregon, have worked each spring to put together a Memorial Day program for the school's students as well as community members. We are especially concerned with recognizing the service of all those who attended MHS and died in service. This year, we are focusing our program on recognizing the thirteen young men from MHS who died during the Vietnam War. Edwin Downs was identified as being from the area, and we wondered if you might be able to help us find pictures or other information about him. We would appreciate any information that you might be able to share about Mr. Dooley. Thank you Reply
    • L/Cpl Fred Hughes, April 11, 2013
      Mr. Dooley I was with Edwin Downs in Viet Nam in 1969, I was wounded in April of 69 and sent back to the States before we lost him in May 69 we were very close friends he used the name Tony there, they use to call Tony, John Goechnauer and me the 3 stooges. Reply
      • Marshfield High School Memorial Day Committee, April 11, 2013
        Thank you for your personal connection with Mr. Downs. We look forward to "talking" with you more Reply
  14. William Wiedemann, April 23, 2013
    Hi Marines. Any of you looking for the Memorial to PFC Richard M. Weaver, A 1/5, let me know. There are TWO - first one is at Indian Hill Senior High School, main entrance in front of ad bldg. Second is inside Camp Dennison's Memorial Park, at the flagpole. I am the guy that researched, and wrote everything about Red in 1996 when the HS Memorial was completed. Most of what you read on websites is barrowed, or plagerized from the memorial book that was published for the dedication ceremony - whatever - copy it and get it right. Red was first rate dude / let's dont forget wht he did / apatriot for all time. WW Reply
    • admin, April 23, 2013
      William, I would love any information on Weaver's other memorial in Camp Dennison Ohio. Please forgive me if any information on this site is wrong. I will be glad to fix or change. All work on this site is mostly donated from 1/5 Veterans, Family, and friends. I do not take information and change it or do i take credit for it. The only information i have on Richard Weaver is the Indian Hill High School Memorial video which is located on the videos page at the bottom. It was taken straght from the Memorial VHS. Again, if you would like to add anything to the site please let me know and i can set it up. Thanks you for your feedback. DR Reply
      • admin, April 23, 2013
        Here is the Link Reply
      • Bill Wiedemann, May 29, 2013
        Howdy Well since I posted the info about the Camp Dennison Red Weaver Memorial, I met the former active duty Marine that accomplished SIGNIFICANT improvements to Red's plaque at Camp Dennison memorial Park. His name is Jason Donovan, and as an employee of Indian Hill Village Maintenance Dept., he took it upon himself to make permanent improvements to the HUGE limestone slab that now displays Red's bronze plaque. This plaque, and the $8000 flagpole, was paid for by one man, Mr. Lon Deckard of Indian Hill, a former Navy Looey and all around decent dude (Lon was also one of us that did the IHHS Monument in 1996.) We all knew Red, grew up with him / it was a small high school and NOBODY was gonna forget him OR what he did with his only life. Route 126 winds its way through Camp Dennison where there are other historic sights. There is a close exit off Interstate 275 (Ward's Corner Road - south) that dead ends into Rt.126, make a left, a right and one more mile you are in Camp D. The Memorial Park is on the left, lots of soccer/bball fields also. Jason Donovan, out of respect for his fellow Marine, raised up the bronze plaque, got it out of the water and mud where everybody can read it. Red's VietNam tour is covered by Johnnie Clark's epic novel "GUNS UP" amazon has it. SF! BW Reply
  15. William Wiedemann, April 23, 2013
    dang me Forrgot to mention, Red Weaver's 2 Memorials are located near Cincinnati, Ohio. The High School is located in Village of Indian Hill, all residential area. The 2nd Memorial is located in the memorial park in Camp Dennison Ohio, right on State Route 126. WW Reply
    • Admin, May 27, 2013
      Welcome, and Thank you for your post.... Reply
    • AJ Preseren, July 13, 2013
      Bill, the plaque and the dedication were very well done. I did not know about the Camp Dennison. I will have to get back down there again. God Bless Big Red Weaver and all of you who put these memorials together. Aj Preseren Reply
      • Bill Wiedemann, July 14, 2013
        Howdy Al, Your name's very familiar; you must have been in the A1/5 group that attended the Memorial dedication in 1996 at IH SR high school near Cincy. A life-changer for a lot of us. The Camp Dennison Memorial Park is adjacednt to the cemetary where Red is. If it werent for political correctness, we would of got the whole dam park named after him, this was in 97 and 98 after the village bought the property. Well, guess what. Now a days, on a typical summer night, there are about 1000 kids and their parents down there doing the soccer thing. Red's memorial pokes them right in the eye, it is impossible to miss it every since jason Donovan raised it up on that HUGE slab of limestone under the flagpole. Lets hope that they read it and "get it" you young Marines taking bullets so they can play soccer in the future......thanks Al...B well and keep on a truckin BILL W Reply
  16. Lloyd Walker, April 29, 2013
    Semper Fi...I was with 1/5 in 1963 H&S co. 81's.We left for Okinawa and returned as 1/1.I would like to reunite with anyone that I may have served with.Gunny Dowdy was our Gunny. Reply
  17. Bob Doyle USMC ret, May 4, 2013
    I have a photo I took of pvt James Barton (i think) who was in alpha 1/5 and kia june 1969 Please give help in confirming identity Reply
    • admin, May 6, 2013
      Bob, if you want to send me the picture i can pass it around to other A1/5 Veterans who might have known him. Reply
  18. Stacy Allen Cantu, May 25, 2013
    I was very excited to find this site:) I never knew my father, but a few pictures and a few articles when he was wounded in Veitnam. I found his name on one of the rosters Howars S. Allen. He was eighteen when he entered the Marines and passed away at the young age of 27. Thank you... Reply
  19. Stacy Allen Cantu, May 25, 2013
    Opps Howard Reply
  20. Jane, June 5, 2013
    I really like this website. I visit often to get updates and learn new things about the military and veterans. I have come across many other great websites that are very informative. One website is U.S. Veteran Compensation Programs ( On this website I frequently learn about the latest money available to veterans, benefits for veterans and their families, where to get discounts for veterans, and I get free things from their veteran giveaway program. Keep up the good work. I will pass the word about your website and I will visit again. Thanks! Reply
  21. Jon Shebel, June 17, 2013
    Trying to locate Phil Torrey who was CO of A Company 1/5 in 1969. Reply
  22. Bob Crabtree, July 29, 2013
    Great site. Very well organized. Brings back some memories. Bob C Reply
  23. Dale Hilgartner Cirillo, July 31, 2013
    Thank you for Honoring my Dad, Col. Peter Louis Hilgartner who served as Battalion Commander in Viet Nam. You are all a blessing to our family! Dale (his #3 daughter out of 5 kids) Reply
    • Bill James, March 14, 2014
      I can hardly begin to express to you the prominence of your father to the Marines and Corpsmen that served under him. When I assembled the first mailing garnered from the rolls of the 1st Marine Division Association, his name was among the 125. It was sent as a piggy back post card. The very first return was from your Dad. Nobody could have replied faster, or with more enthusiasm. Our first official reunion after the USS Hue City was commissioned was held in Crystal City. He picked up the tab at a nice bar for the whole crew attending. In subsequent reunions he always made himself available for questions, no holds barred. Being a key organizer of the reunion I enjoyed time with him learning something about the burdens of command, and more about how he cared for his troops. He was an exemplary commander, a privilege to serve under. Reply
    • admin, March 14, 2014
      Welcome to the site Dale... Reply
  24. Scott Whitehead, August 5, 2013
    Mu uncles good friend Leavy Lou Folds was in A/1/5 and killed on June 20, 1945 on Okinawa. Reply
  25. John W. Barry, August 13, 2013
    This is a great effort. Outstanding! With A 1/5 from 12/68 to 8/69 in the An Hoa basin. Reply
  26. Cy Wilson, September 6, 2013
    One of my best friends, Howard Carpenter, was KIA in Hue after I got home. His dad sent me an air line ticket to Ind.,In. To be at his funeral. I was stationed at Lejeune at the time. Does anyone remember him or was there when he died? He was engaged to Jackie Culley. Her family lost their motel in Pass Christian, Ms. To hurrican Cammile in 1969. Reply
    • Paul Kellogg, September 23, 2013
      I remember you as one of my squad leaders after Anderson, Wilson, Matthews, and Gomez had served 3rd platoon in the Que Son Valley battles - I was the command of the platoon from May-Nov '67 -1/5 received about 15 second lts in Nov so I was given the 81 platoon at Hoe An. Glad that you survived RVN. Send me email and let me know your career after your USMC service. Reply
      • Cy Wilson, September 24, 2013
        Good to hear from you. I think I have a pic of you and Anderson with an NVA flag. I spent most of my life in sales ( ins. Cars and time share) before I was forced to retire because of PTSD in 2001. I' ve been on disability from VA. It took over 30 yrs. Before it caught up with me. I've been married almost 45 yres. and have 2 children and 8 grandchildren. Would love to be in contact with you. I talk to David Polamares and email a few others. Reply
        • Paul Kellogg, September 30, 2013
          Cy - sorry to hear about the PTSD, many great Marines suffer from this. The Que Son Valley battles were difficult times with many killed and wounded. I always felt that 3rd Plt Marines were the best and handled the tough fights with the NVA with a warriors skill and never gave an inch. I hated the aftermath of battle when it would cause reflection on those Marines lost. Have been in contact with D.P., Calder, Bobby Stewart. I have photos of the squads, will send to you - give me your address. I stayed in Corps for 5 years, have retired after 39 years as a high school coach and principal in Helena, Alabama.. Congrats on your career as Marine and civilian sales rep. Reply
          • Cy Wilson, September 30, 2013
            My address is 9926, Honomu Pl., Diamondhead, Ms. 39525. Some of my worse memories were at the Horse Shoe, in Oct. and Nov., '67. Lots of booby traps and ambushes. One of my best friends (Metzger) died in my arms after stepping on a mine set for amtracts.
      • Admin, October 1, 2013
        Welcome Home Sir, Its an Honor..... Reply
  27. (Benny) Benware,C1-5 june67 to july68, September 16, 2013
    you,ve done a great job,by honoring all of us from 1/5 keep up the great work Reply
  28. suressi, September 16, 2013
    i would like to see if any one can send me pitchers of A 1/5 1969to 1971,alot of my photos were lost in sea bag on my way home when i left Reply
    • Rene "Doc Squidley" Bureau, March 18, 2017
      Remember Dave Hughley?? his father was an airline pilot..He did his 4 then got out and went to college and came back in as an officer, headed for flight school. Didn't get thru it because of eyesight, I think. Got into computers and retired a captain. Reply
      • frank suressi, March 18, 2017
        I don't think so, but pitcher would help me rember Reply
  29. Cy Wilson, September 26, 2013
    Lt. Kellogg you can email me direct if you like. I'd like to here from you. Reply
  30. Jesse McKay III, September 29, 2013
    My name is Jesse McKay III, I'm from North Dakota, I'm Native American and I'm looking for information on my father Jesse A. McKay Jr, who served with Co. "A\" 1/5 from November 1972 - 1973, and was tranfered to Co "G" 2/1. Off the top of my head not sure when he was transfered, sorry. But I'm looking for anyone who maybe enrolled in the A/1/5 site here that may have served with my dad. He was assigned to A/1/5 after graduation from Boot Camp, and he graduated on Nov 1, 1972. He was with the 3rd Recruit Training Battalion. But I am primaraly trying to find anyone that may have been also assigned to or trained with my father during Boot Camp and with 1/5 after boot. If so I would appreciate any info, thank you Reply
  31. Cy Wilson, September 29, 2013
    Does anyone remember referring to Que Son valley as Indinn country? What about calling ( whites ) as chucks and ( blacks ) ac splives? Reply
    • Bill James, March 14, 2014
      I do remember Que Son Valley being referred to as Indian Country. My first impression of Hill 51 when I arrived in August 67 was that it was the 20th century equivalent of Fort Apache in the old Rin Tin Tin TV series. I guess our generation was heavily influenced by movies and TV. The Splives(splibs) and the Chucks was I think a Marine Corps thing. I've never known anyone outside the Marine Corps that had heard those terms. I saw that David Palomares has moved you on the FB page for 1/5 Vietnam. Knowing you were in 3d platoon, do you remember a Marine that was older than most of us(about 26), he was nicknamed Pappy. He was the company barber at the Horseshoe. One of my most vivid memories of him was once on Hill 51, and once on the Horseshoe outpost he could do a perfect Tarzan yell/holler. I learned years later that the movie studio actually recorded the yell using two men in harmony. Friend me up on FB. Reply
      • Ray Gallagher, January 14, 2015
        Bill, I remember "pappy" and the Tarzan yell. I also remember that he left us at the 'Horseshoe" and I think he went to a "CAP" unit. Do you have any info on him. Reply
  32. david palomares, October 6, 2013
    Wow forgot I was on this site have stayed in contact with Cy Wilson the past couple of years.I remember Carpenter and have seen a couple of photos.Does anyone remember the horse shoe being called the mud flats.We got in a lot of fire fights there. Reply
  33. Cy Wilson, October 7, 2013
    Ed Meltzer died in my arms after stepping on a land mine set for an amtrac. I still have his helmet he was wearing at the time. I'll never forget this . I saw his name on a memorial wall in Springfield, Il. If anyone anyone related to him, I'd like to know. Reply
  34. David "Ripp." Rippberger A1/5 10/67-04/68 1st.Plt. 1st.Squad, October 18, 2013
    Like Cy and so many other Marines can context to, The Horse Shoe was pure Hell at its worst. So many casualties. Booby Traps and Mines. Shit, don't want to continue on this any longer. Love my Marine Brothers. To give answer to a question asked by David Palomares. Yes, Mud Flats was a common name for the Big Shoe. Reply
  35. Rick Stanley, February 15, 2014
    A 1/5, 1 Squ 1 Plt. 01/18/1969 - 01/20/1970 Reply
  36. Tom Bell, March 2, 2014
    This is a fabulous tribute to the men of this outfit and one heck of a website. Keep up the good work and always, always, never forget these men and keep their memories and stories strong and alive. Tom Bell Willcox Veterans Support Group Willcox, Arizona Reply
  37. Tom Bell, March 2, 2014
    forgive my stupidity....I wish to add that my wife's Uncle had a brother by the name of Vincent Baker was with A Co 1/5. Killed 10 Nov 1967. is there anyone who might have know Vincent? Reply
    • Ray Gallagher, January 14, 2015
      Tom, I was on patrol with Vincent Baker the day we lost him. Please contact me at my e-mail address for any info. Reply
      • tom bell, January 16, 2015
        Ray, Thank you so very much regarding Vincent Baker. I so much appreciate your willingness to offer the brief history of what transpired on that day. Again, I must say that I'm in awe of this unit and what you guys did, went thru and that some did not make it home. I have the utmost respect for all our vets, but the Vietnam Vets holds a special place with me always. Very respectfully, Tom Bell Reply
  38. rick freberia, March 5, 2014
    any photos for my family DOC 68' HUE City Reply
  39. James K. Harwood II, March 7, 2014
    Hi...I just got referred to your page by a family member. My dad, James K. Harwood was an Alpha 1/5 Marine. He served in the Vietnam war. I have always wanted to find sons of people who he served with. This is really cool. Would love to chat sometime. Thanks for doing what you do - preserving the history of our heroes. Reply
    • Bill James, March 14, 2014
      Was your Dad in Alpha 1/5 in 1967? If it is who I think it is, he was a friend. Nicknamed Hard Corps. He was a really good guy, great sense of humor. As I recall he grew up in California. Do I have the right guy? Reply
      • Paul. D. Harwood, September 27, 2015
        Bill my name is Paul Harwood, I am Jim's brother I just found this site. The young man who asked for information on his dad is my nephew. I remember my brother saying something about Hard Corps, but my brother was from North West Indiana. He made Country in 1967 some time in the fall. He also was wounded very bad on the Perfume River. We are just trying to find some things out about him while he was there. Jim passed away in 2007 sadly he drank himself to death, I have told so many that The Nam got another one. They never get to have their names on the Memorial Wall, even though, that help hole got another HERO. If you think you new him would appreciate hearing from you. But if I am wrong, THANK YOU FOR YOUR SACRIFICE AND SERVICE, GOD BLESS YOU, AND GOD BLESS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Reply
  40. admin, March 14, 2014
    Welcome to the site. Reply
  41. Rene L "Doc Squidley" Bureau HM3/USN/FMF, March 20, 2014
    Great site....Spent my time with A/1/5 in 70-71, coming home about a month before the whole unit came back. Spent most of my time running around with the 3rd Platoon.....LT. Mike "Swampy" Ray, SSgt Larry Blair, "Pope" on the PRC25, Semper Fi ' Reply
    • Rogert Smith, March 15, 2017
      Doc, I left the bush in Feb.1970 after 11 months with Alpha 1/5 3rd platoon. Such a long time ago. Roger Reply
      • Rene "Doc Squidley" Bureau, March 16, 2017
        I didn't get there until April of 70. You must have known Doc John Rayburn. He was the one I replaced when I got there. He is still around. I was in contact with him about a year ago. Reply
    • frank suressi, March 16, 2017
      I remember them,and remember when SSgt blair was looking on top of hill when he got hit with art,or something,thing you remember my brother was there with me but he had been shot in chest,he went home and got killed in car acdent,i also knew pop , and you doc, I hit booby trap with steve h and bj,i was the sgd leader then Reply
      • Rene "Doc Squidley" Bureau, March 17, 2017
        I got in touch with Blair about 10 yrs ago. He's still kicking. If you want to touch base, he's on facebook at Reply
    • frank suressi, March 16, 2017
      I have pitcher of you and some of us together remember hold water cans for joke for pitcher Reply
      • Rene "Doc Squidley" Bureau, March 17, 2017
        I only have a few pics left and I will try to find them. Is that Heredia? next to you in the pic?? Reply
        • frank suressi, March 17, 2017
          yes it is steve, lives in san Josa cal. Reply
          • Rene "Doc Squidley" Bureau, April 14, 2017
            Frank, just a short note to say that I haven't forgotten about sending you some pics. I found more and I am trying to get them all on the computer. Send me your e-mail ( You ALL are remembered althought the 70 year old mind has a little trouble with the names. I am still with the grunts. (Who would have thought it?) I am the Commandant of the local Marine Corps League Detachment. I'll get back to you soon.
        • Rene "Doc Squidley" Bureau, March 18, 2017
          Send me an email at and I will send you a few more pics Reply
          • frank suressi, June 20, 2017
            I hope you got the other pic I sent this month
  42. Cy Wilson, June 2, 2014
    The Horse Shoe was one of the scariest places I was in Vietnam. Especially the booby traps. You never new when your next step would be your last. I remember the day Ed Meltzer stepped on a 105 round. He died in my arms. I can still see his body tumbling end over end until it hit the ground. His name is on the Vietnam Wall in Springfield, Illinois. Reply
  43. Cy Wilson, June 5, 2014
    Looking forward to seeing everyone again. Hope I can handle the emotions. Reply
  44. Cristin Townsend, June 12, 2014
    Came across this website trying to find out more about my father and see if anyone knew him in Vietnam. He was alpha 1/5 in 69-70. He's interested in reconnecting with old friends. His name is Paul Townsend and apparently went by the nickname "sadist". If anyone has any information or would like to get in touch with him contact me at Reply
  45. Roger Smith, June 26, 2014
    A new book out called I gave my all for nothing. By Phillip Rose Alpha Co. 3rd Platoon 1969 Reply
  46. Roger Smith, July 14, 2014
    5th Marines cruise book. Very interesting and a lot of memories. How do you access the cruise book from the home page? Reply
  47. Linda Brodie, August 2, 2014
    My dad was Major B. K. Brodie, who was a CO of Alpha/1/5 in 1967. I was recently contacted by one of his platoon commanders, Lt. Paul Kellogg, who opened a door on things I hadn't thought of in 40 years. I've barely started looking around on this site and have already laughed and cried over the what I have read and seen here, including pictures of my dad I didn't know existed. My dad passed on in 1997. He was such an influence on our lives that his children and grandchildren have also served or are serving now. He never talked to me much about his time with you guys, no surprise there, so it's wonderful, and heartbreaking, for me to see this other side of him. I'll come back here often. Reply
  48. Rosemary Powers Sweeney, September 3, 2014
    My brother Cpl Ronald Powers was in this unit. I have been contacted by a Robert Carroll and Rick Early, they both were with him we he died. I am very thankful for them contacting me by email and phone. I had a chance to actually speak with Rick today and was glad to know that Ron was well liked. I am happy to know that these two Marines were by his side and tried to comfort him. He is missed every day and when I think of him I tear up. I can not tell if Ron is in any of these photos, if he is please let me know which one and his location. Thank you for your service and God bless you all. Reply
  49. Ryann Duffenbach, September 10, 2014
    Hi I'm Ryann Duffenbach. I'm 10 years old and the granddaughter of Lyle M Anderson!!! Any information you can tell me about my grandpa would be nice I miss him so much!!! His 2 other grandchildren are Taylor Duffenbach age 17 and Noah Duffenbach age15. We all loved our grandpa and miss him vey much! We live in Trempealeau WI. Reply
  50. Gladys, September 27, 2014
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  51. Gary W. Smith, October 15, 2014
  52. Ray Gallagher, January 13, 2015
    Trying to obtain any info on "Bob Martin," he was a Corpsman attached to Alpha in '67-'68. He was known as "Doc Martin". The last contact I had w/him was in the early 70's. He had left the Navy and had become an officer in the, I have a hard time saying it "ARMY" - Thanks Reply
  53. Ray Gallagher, January 14, 2015
    Looking for any photo's of Richard Links, KIA on 31 Mar.'68 at Troui bridge. Also any info on Bobby Martin known as "Doc Martin" He was a Corpsman assigned to Alpha Reply
  54. Ronnie Snyder, June 11, 2015
    Looking for any information on Dennis Sliby USMC injured on March 30, 1968 at Troui Bridge. Reply
  55. Harland bishop, June 23, 2015
    Semper fi gentlemen. I was with the fifth 66- 67, only with B/ co. Over the years lost track of it seems everything. We walked the same ground ,and would love to link up, and catch up. Reply
  56. Ray Gallagher, September 23, 2015
    Got the photo of Richard Links and forwarded it to the Faces on the Wall. First met Rich at the Horse Shoe and was with him the night we lost him at Troui bridge. Rest in peace my friend. Reply
  57. Jamie Scheller, September 24, 2015
    I am looking for anyone that served with my Dad, Bruce Scheller. He served from 68-69. I am not sure what platoon he was in. I did see a photograph of him from the "cruise album". My Dad recently passed away on September 10, 2015. He never spoke of his time in Vietnam and I would love to hear more about my father's time there. He was such a loving husband and father. He will be truly missed. Reply
  58. Woody Postle, November 27, 2015
    1st, great site. good work. i was in Plt. 1030 Parris Island 1968. In Nam with B 1/9. If anyone sees this and knows me, get in touch. Semper Fi, Welcome Home Brothers! Reply
  59. Linda, December 23, 2015
    Hello everyone. I am looking for James Finazzo who was a friend of LCpl Dick Donathan, KIA, August 10, 1966, Operation Colorado. My sister was engaged to marry Dick and we would like to find any of his friends who would like to share their memories of him. Thank you. Reply
  60. frank suressi, January 31, 2016
    doc you were with me bj and steve pope,we all hit booby trap in que son Reply
  61. frank suressi, March 24, 2017
    my e-mail is Reply
  62. Rogert Smith, April 17, 2017
    1st Battalion had a big move around Easter 1969. I was 18 years old and only had a couple months in country. I do not remember what we were doing then but we humped through the night. I fell a sleep walking and lost the Marine in front of me for awhile. So tired. Does any one remember the Easter Parade? Reply

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